Samuel Feinberg, Team Latke

Like many Midwesterners, Samuel grew up somewhere else. He promptly realized his error at the

Age of 12 and moved from New Jersey to Kansas City with his family. He attended BVNW and

Then seeing that his philosophy major was not going to bring great wealth, he graduated with a BA in

Komparative Religion with a firm plan to “stack Kibbles and Bits on third shift very thoughtfully.” As

Ends are not always determined by beginnings and so he worked his way up through IT Organizations

Such as Sprint and Commerce bank. He traded “all final decorating decisions for the

Rest of his life” to marry his brilliant and beautiful wife of nearly the same name “Sam Feinberg.”

Unbelievably, Samuel then completed an MBA while his first child was still nursing and then began to

Leverage his experience to “do what the NSA does with your calls, but for profit…so nobody cares.”

Enother daughter was born who understands his job as pictures, talking, airplanes, & eating candy.

Sam and the girls, smiling in anticipation of eating latkes.

Sam and his girls, smiling in anticipation of eating latkes.


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