Samantha Feinberg, Team Hamantash

Samantha Feinberg doubts whether her real-life debate experience as a high school debater and assistant debate coach to the 2015 National Champion Shawnee Mission East Debate Team will help her whatsoever as a Latke Hamantash debater. Though once her high school debate teammate, today Samantha faces her husband Samuel as her Latke Hamantash Debate rival. Samantha, the superior Sam Feinberg, is a Kansas City native and while it is unfortunate that she and her husband share a name, it is fortunate that she found someone in Kansas City to marry who was not related to her. Samantha recently completed 3 half-marathons in 14 days fueled entirely by hamantashen, insanity and Powerade.

The Sams reside in Prairie Village with their daughters . . . who much prefer hamantashen to latkes. Samantha teaches English at Shawnee Mission East High School and holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Today she will school you on the supremacy of the Jewish people’s most important food: the hamantash.

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