Rabbi Jonathan Rudnick

Rabbi Rudnick has done extensive research, both theoretical and clinical, with regards to the existential yet practical, the philosophical yet also theological, the nutritional yet also sensational, the spiritual yet also gastronomical, the adolescent yet also geriatric strengths and limitations of both Hamantaschen and Latkes. His research has taken him to the far corners (4) of the world – including close consultations with Jewish communities in Equador, Ukraine, Azerbaidzhan, Russia, Norway, France, Beit Shean (Israel), all wrestling with the common most basic, existential tog of war between the Hamataschen and Latkes. Yerushalayim has been the center of this grappling for ultimate sustenance. Rabbi Rudnick in fact was ordained in this center of Jewish life, with a specialization in the pastoral intentions as well as impacts of these two illustrious foundations of Jewish nourishment, both in terms of particular dimensions as well as universal aspects of care, comfort, blessing, and joy.

He feels honored, humbled, and hungry to be here today, looking forward to the clinical experience, the communal reflection on the experience, and then rendering with his esteemed colleagues the ultimate of Jewish decisions.