Rabbi Jeffrey Shron, Team Latke

Rabbi Jeffrey Shron is a native of Monsey, NY, and has served Kehilath Israel Synagogue for over 19 years, first as Hazzan, and now as Senior Rabbi.

Rabbi Shron is married to Hedy, a native of Netanya, Israel, who is a LMSW, and serves as social worker in Kansas and Missouri. They have three children: Joshua, who lives in New Jersey with his wife, Mairov, and five children; Carla, who lives in Israel with her husband, Elie, and four children, and Shmuel and his wife Emily, who live on the Upper West Side in New York City.

Rabbi Shron has the exact credentials to represent team latke. First, his debating skills stem from the fact that he is both a rabbi and a cantor, which together makes him a Rantor. He will use his Talmudic logic skills and quote our Sages of old to defend the latke, and he will utilize his singing skills to prove that dough is not a hamentasch but a female deer. Second, Rabbi Shron was part of last year’s bet din and has the inside knowledge of how to win them over. And last, Rabbi Shron’s skill as a mohel has developed within him a sharp wit that will cut right through team hamentasch.

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