Neil Herman, Team Hamantash

Neil grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has traveled far and wide before moving to Kansas City. He hopes that some of the knowledge he has picked up along the way will serve him well in this, the most vital and portentous event of the year, The Great Debate KC, and will unify our community behind the knowledge that hamantashen are better than latkes.

Before this debate, Neil’s proudest achievement in life was his position as co-chair of the Exeter Jewish Community at his high school, where the students would keep their spirits up through the long New Hampshire winters by lighting Shabbat candles and cooking spaghetti in the church basement every Friday night, tippling Manischewitz, and of course noshing on hamantashen sent from our synagogues back home.

If you haven’t seen much of him in the past few years, that may be because he was away studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he graduated with a triple major in Nuclear Engineering, Asian Languages and Cultures, and Pastry Studies of the Ancient Near East with a concentration on Neo-Babylonian / Shushanic sweets. After completing his studies, he travelled to Oak Ridge National Laboratory to conduct research on the nano-bio-molecular-subnucleonic secrets of hamantashen fillings. Dazzled and befuddled by the complications of such research, he decided to take a break and travelled to Taiwan to conduct primary research on the triangular shaped foods of East Asia, while teaching the local populace proper English. Remember students, when you’re spelling hamantaschen, don’t drop the silent C!

Now gainfully employed with a local engineering consulting company, Neil is finally able to earn his own money to support his hamantashen-snacking habit.