Loring Leifer, Team Latke

Loring Leifer has been shunning sugar and other processed foods since her orthodox grandfather used an orange to justify the existence of God when she was five. Loring became famous as the only kid at birthday parties to ask if she could have an apple instead of cake. Her mother, constantly annoyed at Loring’s dietary limitations, tells anyone who will listen, “My daughter’s approach to eating is: if it tastes good, spit it out.” What she doesn’t understand is that scientific studies stimulate Loring’s appetite. If a study proved eating tennis shoes lowered cholesterol, she would sauté them in garlic and begin to crave the dish.

As a writer, Loring applies the same compulsiveness to her craft. It takes her 30 minutes to write a note telling her husband she’s out walking the dog. Fortunately, she has had many patient clients over the years and has written several books – including the recently published Angels with Angles: The Rogue Nuns behind Operation Breakthrough – and hundreds of magazine articles and success stories for clients such as Black & Veatch, Sprint, and Saint Luke’s Health System. She began her career as a feature reporter for The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle and is forever grateful to Milton Firestone for taking a chance on a novice writer.

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