Josh Allmayer, Team Hamantash

Josh comes from a robust lineage of Latke Hamantash debaters, as he is the grandnephew of Ruth Fredman Cernea, editor of The Great Latke Hamantash Debate and first cousin once removed of Jonathan Fredman, latke debater at Princeton and Ohev Sholom. Although blessed with favorable Latke Hamantash Debate genetics, Josh has followed a strict training regimen to prepare for this high caloric showdown: being on Team Hamantash, this means NO LATKES.

Both a Prairie Village native and proud 2’s AZA #2 alum, Josh will use his humor and chutzpah to win community laughs and, if truly lucky, earn his place in Great Debate lore.

Josh now resides in Washington, D.C. (put down the groggers), but returns to his hometown frequently, especially to bring maternal simcha to esteemed Great Debate organizer, Melanie Allmayer.

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