Dr. John Lantos, Team Hamantash

John Lantos is a world-renowned nosher who has eaten both latkes and hamentashen on five continents. His best-selling book, “Latke, Schmatke: Heroes, Hope, and Hamentashen” has been translated into at least ten dead languages.

As a youth, in one of the now-legendary debates at The University of Chicago, he argued that most great Jewish theologians, including Martin Buber, preferred the latke. (His brilliantly mistaken argument is included in the Ruth Fredman Cernea anthology of Greatest Hits from the Chicago Latke-Hamentash Debates.) He now sees the fundamental error of his ways. He deeply regrets his former passion for the latke. This year, he will discuss reasons why the hamentash is medically, ethically, musicologically, and gastronomically superior and should be considered the quintessential Jewish ritual food.

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