Debbe Trachtman, Team Latke

Debbe Trachtman is a member of Congregation B’nai Jehudah, where she is active in adult education and other volunteering opportunities. As a professional student, she holds degrees from UMKC and KU in Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Biology, Biological Anthropology, and Ancient History. She has a PhD in Ancient History. In her spare time she gardens, travels extensively, plays piano and guitar, and teaches Hebrew.

Ever the latke-lover, she especially enjoys vegetable-based latkes. With her punny nature and wealth of knowledge across the board, she is sure to inform and delight you in wordplay and the myriad of ways that latkes have enriched our lives from ‘fry-day’ through Shabbat- thus proving once and for all that latkes reign supreme.